MK-677 30mg CAPSULES

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IBUTAMOREN MK-677 30mg (Competitors are only 25mg/ml)


MK-677, also known as Ibutamoren or Nutrobal, is commonly referred to as a SARM, a selective androgen receptor modulator, but it is actually a Human Growth Hormone secretagogue, meaning that it stimulates the pitutary gland to secrete HGH.

MK-677 has been shown to increase fat-free mass; enhance sleep quality; improve healing of muscle, bone and ligaments; lower LDL cholesterol; improve hair and skin appearance; and improve overall sense of well-being.

MK-677 does not cause pituitary sensitization, nor does it suppress the body’s production of Growth Hormone.

Because Ibutamoren doesn’t stimulate testosterone, there are no chances of aromatization, or danger to liver, kidney, or prostate.


30mg/ml. (Competitors are only 25mg/ml)

Half Life

24 hours.

Side Effects

With higher doses, a slight increase in appetite, temporary bouts of lethargy and numb hands have been noticed.  Unlike other secretagogues, MK-677 does not increase prolactin levels nor cortisol. MK-677 has been used continuously for 1-2 years with no sign of desensitizing the pituitary gland.

Designed to boost energy, enhance muscle mass, and increase bone density, Nutrobal has also been seen to increase appetite. That’s why it must be taken with caution.

Also known as Ibutamoren, Nutrobal MK – 677 isn’t really a SARM. However, it functions quite like one and has very much similar benefits.

Possibly the only muscle growth inducer that can induce sleep, this product benefits your health by providing you with adequate sleep that is essential for a healthy and fit body. Besides, it does not tamper with the hormone levels in your body, you don’t even need a PCT with this sarm.

Nutrocubalisis, which is another name for Nutrobal MK–677, is a powerful, selective antagonist of the ghrelin receptor (ghrelin controls your hunger) and mimics ghrelin’s role.

MK–677’s interaction with the ghrelin receptor leads to activation of the pituitary gland and hypothalamus, resulting in the release of growth hormones, like somatropin and insulin.

Besides providing a boost in your lean muscles, MK–677 also improves your skin, hair, and nails, offers quick recovery from a muscle injury, and promotes a healthy diet and sleep pattern.

This sarm is currently being studied to test its potential in treating growth hormone deficiency and bone degenerative disorders. Additionally, MK–677 is also a great promoter of sex drive and nerve damage repair. It also promotes heart and kidney health. Owing to its role in inducing sleep, it helps people overcome anxiety and mellows down all aggression, unlike most SARMs.


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